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Overcoming a suicide loss is possible—let “Finding Peace After a Suicide Loss” show you how.  

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Dear Friends,

I have been praying for you since I wrote this book back in 2018. 

I understand what you have experienced. I know the pain, the 

battles, and the road to healing. 


Everyone heals at a different rate, but if you truly desire to 

heal, you can. God’s love and grace will show up!


This book will be a partner for you in the healing process. I am 

a Wounded Healer, just like you. Together, and with God’s

Truth to guide us, PEACE will find its place into your heart 

and mind.


Join the blog and let me know your thoughts. Subscribe to my 

monthly letter for all those not yet healed.


Continued prayer for you,


Recent Endorsements


Here’s what readers are saying about Finding Peace after a Suicide Loss by Elaine Kennelly.

This powerful journey leads one through this terrific battle of faith and redemption toward renewed faith in God expressed by prayer, service, and even a glimmer of hope. Elaine’s vulnerability will empower you to open up your true heart to the Spirit as she teaches us to call upon God’s Hand to heal the soul.

Rev. Dr. David R. Saliba

Senior Pastor, Perdido Bay United Methodist Church, Pensacola, Florida


Q & A's

Interview with video responses.

Why did you write Finding Peace after a Suicide Loss?

What was the most difficult part of telling your story?

Who should read this book?

When is the Launch date for this book?

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