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Need a Listening Ear? Need a Rescue?

After a tragedy, especially after a suicide, some people may say awful things to you—words that are inappropriate, even untruthful. Or sometimes, the ones you expect to comfort you say nothing at all. Where is the one you can count on? Where is there a listening ear who will speak truth?

I found that One in the book of the Psalms. Over and over, I learned about God. The Psalms are emotional—sometimes the Psalm writer is in the pit of despair, and sometimes he is on the mountaintop! I could find comfort in that. I found myself in the book of the Psalms.

I found a wonderful picture of God in Psalm 34. Read it over and over, and it will bring you great comfort...for God listens to those who call on him for help...and then he rescues.

And he not only rescues, he remains close to you in the process. Are you brokenhearted? Is your spirit crushed? Then this passage is for you. It is all about you and God. Yes, you and I face troubles, but the LORD God, our Father rescues us! Now that’s a promise you can count on. Believe it, remind yourself throughout today that your Heavenly Father is with you, loving you, helping you through whatever today brings.

May this truth put a smile on your face,



Elaine Kennelly
Elaine Kennelly
Mar 04, 2021

Thank you, Lisa Anne, for your encouragement to me. God has touched your heart also, hasn’t he? I am happy to count you as a friend!!


Lisa Anne 💕
Lisa Anne 💕
Mar 03, 2021

Psalm 34 is such a comforting verse. God is truly the only one who intimately knows our sorrows ... and the only one who can ease our pain.

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