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Need Power? Ask and it is yours...

Feeling weary? Empty? I completely understand. When you are struggling with the aftermath of a tragedy, life gets complicated. There is a lot to process. So many feelings to deal may even feel all alone. Where does one go for strength? Who can help, I mean...really help you when you are down?

If you are weak right now, you are in the perfect place for God to help you. How does he accomplish that? God, of course, knows all about you. He created you! In fact, he loves you so much, there is only one of you...and he desires with all his heart to give you his strength...yes...his strength, his spirit, his power.

It is available. Pour out your heart to him and ask for help. Then relax and trust that he will...that’s called faith. Open yourself to his words in the Bible. Start with the book of Psalms and read, read, read. Then pray and tell God what you need. His Holy Spirit will listen and will pray right along with you!

Help is yours...if you only ask.

Your loving friend,


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