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Trying to Understand God?

We all do this—try to figure out God, try to understand the why in our lives. A tragedy strikes our family, and we can’t comprehend what happened. Where is the compassionate God who loves us? We feel abandoned, deserted, left to cope all on our own.

The God who loves us is still there. His compassIon still flows from his heart to ours, but often there’s a disconnect on our end. How could this tragedy, this sadness, this death be happening? How could my child, my spouse, my mother, my father take their own life? From our point of view, it seems as though God could have intervened!

But there is something very important to understand about God—he created people with the freedom of freewill. We humans have been given the ability to make choices.

And sometimes, our choices produce dreadful results: a suicide, a homicide, an unintentional drug overdose, a fatal car accident, an accidental drowning—all produce feelings of bewilderment for the Christian survivor. Where was God when this happened????

God’s wisdom and eternal love for us did not create robots. God still desires to wrap his arms around us in comfort and care after a tragedy, especially then! And we need to allow God’s comfort to take over our thoughts. It’s in our mind where the healing and comfort begins. Repeat this never-ending truth often: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.” Psalm 46:1 NIV.

Sending my caring thoughts to you today,

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23 août 2021

This is very thought provoking.🤔

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