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Wounded Healers... Together we heal...

Dear friends,

Where are you on the path of “suffering”? You are on one, you know. We all have just gotten on, are walking through, or just gotten off the path of pain.

Yes, it may take time, but God uses our suffering and pain to accomplish His desires and purposes. There is always Good from our Heavenly Father because God is always Good.

Mark Jeske, the senior pastor of St. Marcus Church in Milwaukee, WI wrote the following, titled “Wounded Healers Are the Best.”

“The people whose spiritual talk I most care to listen to aren’t people with perfect physiques, perfect lives and plenty of money. The best witness is not given by the super successful...

But if someone who has buried a child says, “The Lord Jesus was there for me to comfort my heart,” THAT I find believable. That’s a powerful witness. She’s earned the right to be taken seriously.

I call those people “wounded healers.” When somebody has been broken and the Lord has patched him or her back together, that’s a compelling testimony in our world. People won’t suspect you of being a hypocrite when you then talk about Christ.

If you’ve been wounded, not only will God put you back together, but he also will re-invite you to be part of His work team. The brokenness of your past does not disqualify you from being useful because it’s God’s agenda, not yours. He reminds you “My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.” 2 Corin. 12:9

Perhaps your pain, your failures, your disabilities will become a perfect canvas on which God can paint beautiful things.”

God loves you, my wounded friend,


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