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He is My Sunshine

Good Morning Friends,

How happy I am to be meeting with you this morning. I’ve got coffee in hand, and believe it or not, it is still dark outside! You can tell already that I am a morning person, can’t you?

I wrote these words years ago, and they still makes me smile. Are you finding it difficult to smile a lot? Are you sad, perhaps even sorrowful today? Believe me, I do understand, but here’s a thought to help you this week: Our Heavenly Father, whom I love to call, “Papa,” can provide a reason for us to smile. First of all, He is King of kings and Lord of lords. He is the magnificent Creator and sustainer of the Universe. He knows all. He is all-powerful, and he is everywhere. He loves us more than we can even understand, and his grace covers all of our shortcomings.

He is a God whom we can trust, even in the midst of our sadness because he is always MORE than we will ever be able to understand and more than we will ever need!

May this draw you closer in praise to our Papa this morning, may your afternoon provide strength through Jesus Christ, and may the Holy Spirit be on your mind and in your heart this evening as you fall asleep.

Your loving friend,

P. S. Don’t you think this would make a terrific song? I can just picture a guitar strumming and toes tapping. Anyone good at creating a melody? Let me know:


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