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Life Is All About Attitude!

Attitude is what is found in your mind! You can’t buy it or borrow it. Neither can you blame someone else for your lousy one! But if you have a good attitude, you can share it and spread it around and bring happiness to others! Even strangers will instantly like you—if your attitude is positive and cheerful and pleasant. It’s all up to you.

Yes, your attitude is up to you and it starts in your brain. It’s your outlook and your viewpoint. What do you see—is your life empty or full?

Attitude is your perspective and your orientation. What are you thinking—are you blessed or are you comparing your life to another that you know. Do they seem to have more, spend more, do more?

Attitude is your conviction and your position. What are you believing and where do you stand? It’s up to you! Be a great friend, neighbor, or co-worker. Spread kindness. Be full of joy. Laugh a lot. Avoid judgment and criticism. Don’t complain. You will attract wonderful friends, loyal friends, because everyone loves to be around someone with a smile on their face and a loving attitude in their mind and heart.

Some people make cutting remarks, but the words of the wise bring healing.” Proverbs 12:18

Have a happy day!


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