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Faith Conquers Feelings!

Oh, this poem brings back so many memories. I was struggling with how to live my life after my son died. One day I was up, and then came crashing down. I had trouble sorting out all the emotions that These words explain exactly what happened.

I needed strength for the journey. You and I both understand that emotional roller coaster of disturbing thoughts and emotions. But I came to learn that feelings aren’t right or wrong—they just are—and they can change quickly!

I didn’t have to to bear the weight of my feelings all alone. Oh, no...Jesus, my precious Savior, came to the rescue. His death and resurrection provided me with forgiveness, and forgiveness changes everything! The blessings of God’s Grace wiped away ALL my sin and THAT brought joy Into my life. It gave me strength and rest and peace.

Oh, my dear friend, Jesus can change your life also. He can conquer your feelings, whatever they are, whatever is gnawing away at your heart. Jesus brings blessed quiet for your soul.

Trust him to heal you,

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1 Comment

Lisa Anne 💕
Lisa Anne 💕
Feb 25, 2021

This poem reaches into my heart and speaks to me, even though I've not lost a loved one the way you have. Sometimes life is just so emotional and unfixable ... but Jesus is the cure for a weary soul.

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