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Forgiveness: Your Hardest Task, Your Greatest Reward!

You got here, in this suicide struggle, because of someone else’s action. You did not sin; someone else did, and worse yet, someone you personally loved, and still worse, someone with whom you cannot communicate. This scenario desperately needs forgiveness!

Who do you need to forgive? Make a list. If there are many, prioritize them. Without your forgiveness of them, they will remain stumbling blocks for you. Without forgiveness, they will be links of a chain forever keeping you in bondage to your tragic loss. Without forgiveness on your part, you will be forever dragging lies around with you , and the heaviness will never end.

You can start your forgiveness journey with these words, “Today, Father God, I am letting go. I am unloosing the chains that have shackled my thoughts for so long. I am intentionally letting go of _________________.” Tell God what and who you are releasing, and ask for his power” to to help you forgive completely!

Forgiveness changes your mindset, moving you from self-pity and blame to gratitude and joy. It may take many attempts at forgiveness and years to forgive completely, but “with God all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26 NLT)

Forgive yourself,

Forgive others,

and live in complete freedom!

Forgiveness—your hardest task, your greatest reward,

Elaine Kennelly

”Finding Peace After a Suicide Loss”


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