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Prayers from the Psalms — Part One

Sometimes we feel helpless—just don’t know what to say to God. Here’s great news: the words don’t really matter. It’s our hearts and minds that matter to him, which unfolds this important question:

Where do you stand with God? What is your relationship?

He desires a deep, trusting relationship—one that grows stronger with a faith that is fed by his Word. The simple truth is this: we can’t trust God if we don’t know him. Don’t let the unknown future keep you from a new beginning—today. Let’s consider uncertainty as a way of God inviting us to listen to him as he speaks to us—today.

These words hold healing truths in beginning a relationship with God and growing in our trust of him. Use a verse, each day, to learn something about our heavenly Father. I promise he will speak to you in some way. He is just waiting for you to listen. You see, faith is a precious gift from him, just as is his grace, mercy, and forgiveness—all gifts through Jesus, our Savior. He is the best friend you will ever have!

Sending my love,


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